TR-EECell –
Bio-based XL PE

TR-EECell –
Bio-based XL PE

TR-EECell –
Bio-based XL PE

Brand new, bio-based & cross-linked polyetylene foam

Manufacturing foam is in the Nature of Trocellen Group. And Nature is our direction with our brand new innovative product: Trocellen TR-EECell represents a big step towards environmental sustainability.

TR-EECell is a bio-based cross-linked polyethylene foam: almost 100% of the product is based on bio sources. Bio-based source means that the raw material of the product is derived from biomass which is a result of chemical, physical or biological treatment.

TR-EECell is in fact almost 100% composed of processing waste of sugar cane. This is how Trocellen contributes to the immortality of the trees and plants, by reusing their waste for the production of the most long-lasting product among foams.

TR-EECell is:


Trocellen closed-cell polyethylene foam. Only the sources changed, the final result is the same.


Renewable and natural source supports the capture of CO2, avoiding pollution and fostering the fight against global warming.


The product has the same technical features than other Trocellen polyethylene foam products.


Suitable for several applications, due to its high quality and processability.


The bio-based content has been certified by accredited external laboratory according to ASTM D6866-16


The processing waste from sugar cane is reused for the production of a long lasting product, increasing enormously the lifetime of the material.

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